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Discover some of the apps and services built on Blockstack, where you’re in control of your data, assets, and privacy.
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企业级高速HTTP代理平台_ip代理软件免费试用-无忧代理ip:2021-6-12 · DATA5U(无忧代理IP)是一家专业的企业级高质量代理IP供应平台,在这里有各种高质量的HTTP代理IP和Socks5代理IP,且常年提供免费代理IP为技术爱好者免费学习代理IP知识所用;无忧代理IP是您发展爬虫、大数据事业的好帮手!
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Private and ad-free decentralized email
Decentralized Personal Health Records
Work based identity & reputation system
Decentralized web hosting for static websites
Free and open-source tracker for your mood and life
Discover the 100s of apps built on Blockstack
Privacy-centric, alternative to Google Forms
Share private files easily, without losing ownership
Private accounting software for your business
Discover more than 500 apps built on Blockstack:
Blockstack enables a user-owned internet, where you own your data, assets, and the value you create.
Privacy is built in
In Blockstack apps, your data is 100% your property. All your photos, messages, health records, you name it—are encrypted by default. Apps won’t be able to see, access, or track your activity.
Own new kinds of assets
Smart contracts enable new kinds of digital assets, such as tokens and digital collectibles, to be created, owned, and traded. Using Blockstack apps you can have your share of the value you help create.
You own your data
All of your data and other assets are owned by you instead of by the apps you use. You’re free to move your data, and to trade and transfer your assets — no permission from any app or company required.
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